Thursday, September 17, 2009

the thoughts of a anime/internet/voober deprived lunatic....

FUCKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GOD DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!! MUST GET INTERNETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MIKU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this sucks...

Sunday, April 26, 2009


given the delightful consistency of pudding i have found it to be a pleasurable lubricant..
not only does it taste good its slick and cool.
your female might not enjoy the thought of a food product going inside her, but reassure her that it wont hurt her and she might enjoy it.
and seeing as how its wont hurt for her to lick it off afterwards.
and just think...
if your good enough...and she really enjoys it...
the next time you want sex...just make her a big bowl of pudding...
even if she doesnt want to still end up with a big bowl of its a win-win situation

Friday, April 10, 2009


zombies rise from the dead to eat ppl right?
and ppl still love zombies..
this connection is wierd..or is it?

ppl like zombies cuz jesus was a zombie...the bible just covered the bad parts up.
jesus was killed on a cross..a symbol to repell evil and bad shit...
he died...and later was alive again..why? CUZ HE WAS A ZOMBIE...
that apparently helped ppl..but did he?
the water he turned to wine? a metaphor for the blood that seeped into it as he massacred millions...

walking on water? hes it was his adaptation to avoid being burnt to death...

and necrophelia? that stemmed from some whore he slept with after he was reborn..

and yet he is immortalized in a little book as a good person...(even tho he was a zombie)...thats why ppl like zombies..

Thursday, April 9, 2009 could be me your talking to..

warsword (09:41:39 PM): can u keep a secret
ecchigodcircless (09:41:47 PM): ya
ecchigodcircless (09:41:52 PM): y?
warsword (09:42:07 PM): im not 17 im 14
ecchigodcircless (09:42:15 PM): ah
ecchigodcircless (09:42:20 PM): well thats ok
warsword (09:42:25 PM): i didnt want ppl annoying me
ecchigodcircless (09:42:39 PM): i no alot of 13-14 yr olds on chatango
warsword (09:42:46 PM): k
ecchigodcircless (09:42:53 PM): so whats up
warsword (09:43:05 PM): so wat do u like to do
ecchigodcircless (09:43:24 PM): well i ahng out with friends, watch anime, and cruise
ecchigodcircless (09:43:26 PM): u?
warsword (09:44:17 PM): play games watch anime and i cyber and role play a little
warsword (09:44:34 PM): u cyber?
ecchigodcircless (09:44:37 PM): lol
ecchigodcircless (09:44:39 PM): a lil
warsword (09:44:59 PM): then
ecchigodcircless (09:45:09 PM): aight
ecchigodcircless (09:45:10 PM): u start
warsword (09:45:28 PM): no im no good at starting u
ecchigodcircless (09:45:43 PM): lol i suck at startin
ecchigodcircless (09:45:50 PM): thats why i dont do it much
warsword (09:45:56 PM): damn
ecchigodcircless (09:46:02 PM): haha
ecchigodcircless (09:46:05 PM): sorry
warsword (09:46:18 PM): so ill just start then
ecchigodcircless (09:46:26 PM): kk ^_^
warsword (09:46:44 PM): ive never started before
warsword (09:46:49 PM): um
ecchigodcircless (09:46:58 PM): its ok
ecchigodcircless (09:47:03 PM): ill be gentle
warsword (09:47:08 PM): i kiss u
ecchigodcircless (09:47:28 PM): *kisses back gently*
warsword (09:47:45 PM): (u continue)
ecchigodcircless (09:48:00 PM): *gently rubs thigh*
warsword (09:48:33 PM): *holds u close while kissing u*
ecchigodcircless (09:49:11 PM): *slides shirt over head and continues to massage thigh getting closer to genital area*
warsword (09:49:45 PM): *strokes ur hair*
ecchigodcircless (09:50:20 PM): *pushes on bed and straddles*
warsword (09:50:45 PM): *licks ur lips teasingly*
ecchigodcircless (09:50:52 PM): DUDE!
ecchigodcircless (09:50:56 PM): im a GUY!
ecchigodcircless (09:51:00 PM): AND U WERE TRAPPED!
warsword (09:51:01 PM): huh
ecchigodcircless (09:51:02 PM): HAHAHAHA
ecchigodcircless (09:51:21 PM): btw names matt
ecchigodcircless (09:51:26 PM): nice to meet you
09:51:26 PM warsword has logged out

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

i fuck dead ppl...jkjk NECROPHELIAC POST WOOOOT

i see you there....riddled with holes as you lie there....blood pouring out from the fresh bullet holes...and a feeling so uncontrollable builds inside is not hate, rage, despair, or pain, but an incredible feeling of sexual hormones rushing thru my system....slowly..i unzip my pants and insert myself into your fresh carcus....

the warmth i feel is floods thru my senses as i move in and out of your lifeless cavity...the slight chill i feel as your body loses its warmth does nothing to lessen my joy, and in fact, greatens it, the cool feel of your skin cools me as the excercise begins to heat my blood...slowly and surely rigor mortis slowly dawns upon your lifeless body, tightening your cavities and holes...increasing my pleasure and inviting me as if saying "it feels great...keep going baby"...i begin to gyrate and pump myself seeking what can only be found thru good thourough work and a tight hipped partner (willing or not) eventually a cascade of joy and fullfilment rushes over me as i release my load....spasm run down my back thru my spine...slowly i wrap you up and wheel you to the back of the morgue...hopefully noone will wonder where the scratches on your back came from after your death.. i wash my hands and put my lab coat back on as i go to examine the next visitor...a 33yr old male...died 12:54 am by car in the morgue has never been so good...
sex...everyone wants it...but noone more than teenagers and grandmothers...
yup grandmas...they still have a vagina ppl they arent made of stone...
and teenagers..they want teh vagina more than anything....tell a teenager whos just hit or come out of puberty he can have sex as long as he does whatever you want...and sure enough..he'll do it

so...this is a senario as i see got a grandma...and a teenager * screen ripples as it changes to the story*

teenage boy goes to his friends grandma's house to get a the grandma, who by the way aint got any in forever, is excited to have a hormonally unstable teenager in her house...she decides to lavish him with cookies and othe delightful things...cuz cookies...who could resist that... 5 mins later granny announces shes about to take a shower but that the teenager can stay and eat...hehe...i wonder.... so granny goes to the bathroom and strips..and gets in the shower..but leaves the bathroom door open...

the teenager...whos had his full by now leaves...

pervs....i know what you thought was gonna happen.....
sick fucks

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


anime...if you dont like it GTFO THIS BLOG...JKJK...but srsly fuck off

anyways...anime...the greatest lifesaver in the world...srsly GOD BLESS JAPAN...
without anime...imagine all the fat kids..ugly kids...otakus of both builds...and the emos...
all anime didnt exist...theyd all be dead..which actually sounds pretty nice >_>....
but anyways....all the previously listed people have issues..and anime gives them a cheap escape from their worthless lives...
now...this isnt as funny as some of my other monolouges but its srs as shit...cuz i told you i talk about srs didnt believe me did think i has problems?! DO YOU!?
DO YOU?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
well your right...and ill shove them up your ass...i know who u r...

sorry...back to the topic...anime...the greatest invention for the rejects from regular society....i am glad to be accepted into thos categorie and you should too...otherwise you really shouldnt be on this blog....ya...but srsly..its occured to me...everyone who i know who watches anime is fucked up in some way..and ill list a few by name and their issues....

G0078- power hungry, attention grabbing, man whore..

Allyieh- cybers wit nichajabul....the 69 yr old gold digger zimbabwean guy

CheekyPeach- her screen name is a fruit...that represents vaginas...ya...

K1n6- the gayest burger freak i know...trying constantly to gain the love of anyone he can...

Ota- the owner of (greatest anime site ever and where youll find the above and below listed ppl)...his problems are...uncountable...

circless (me)- well..if your reading this you know what my problems are...

Soubriquet- shes a ginger! thats not technically an issue shes just awesome...her issue is she married me XD


ruki- shes a pedofiles dream and yet she talks to me like shes safe...think again ruki! MWAHAHAHAHA

and lastly...
demonicblaze- to'll figure it out..

so ya...we're all fucked up..but also the COOLEST ppl you know...

p.s. watch out for diclonus----he comes alot...

Monday, April 6, 2009

allyieh cybers a 69 yr old zimbabwean

so this girl named allyieh is WAY into cybering...but she denies it...
shes always cybering with some 69yr old zimbabwean perv....
now theres like 1 computer in zimbabwe and like 4329906 69yr olds
so shes schlicking to the very grammatically incorect english in hopes of hitting the big o
and this old zimbabwean perv is hoping to get a american dollar outta the deal if he cybers weel enough..
seeing as 1 american dollar is like worth 20 million of theres...
so here ally is schlicking away...and the zimbabwean...we'll call him trying to figure out what to say,,,
so here nichajubal is thinking...'oh, god i have never known the touch of a real women...what do i say' an attempt to turn allyieh on... he struggles with the little english he knows...and types..."me member is in your vajinah"
so ally in an attempt to salvage her orgasm...replies.."yes you are inside me and it feels great..what next?"
so nichajubal unable to type his thoughts in english replies "huey nicknias un hudif"
allyieh...who at the moment has already stopped attempting to get off..googles a zimbabwean to english dictionary
allyieh:aighty then... you wanna lick my dog..nice...

at this point nichajubal has given up and requests a dollar from allyieh....bad idea..
allyieh replies "nah...saving up for my mangas goodbye..."
and thus nichajubal is heart broken and still poor as fuck...


tsharks and goth girls

FAPPING till you bleed is good for you...especially in the ocean...with sharks...
goth girls wanna be sharks..did ya know that? they both like blood, they bite...and they fucking rule...
but..sharks are better that goths...they dont start bleeding from fapping to much in the ocean and a shark is like..mmmmm...penis...*glomp*
goth girls are like mmm...penis...eww face....*slap*
fucking bitches..
but if you pit shark vs. goth girl...goth girl would win hands down..
shark would see goth girl and be like...oh shit..and piss himself..
goth girl would be like...seafood...and the piss ON the shark...
ya...goth girls wanna be sharks...
totally just monolouged about sharks and goth girls...

p.s.... was funnier when i first wrote it in a really had to be there

the begining of something amazing....maybe

aight ya'll this is circless's monolouge blog...where i talk about random shit and try to make it funny.....i take requests and sometimes randomly talk about stupid shit...if you know know how to get a hold of me...if not you can reach me at you can request topics and ill get to them eventually...if you no me from me....thankz...hope i make you lul..but remember..this is some serious shit ima be talking about...from sharks and goth shit like cybering...