Thursday, April 9, 2009 could be me your talking to..

warsword (09:41:39 PM): can u keep a secret
ecchigodcircless (09:41:47 PM): ya
ecchigodcircless (09:41:52 PM): y?
warsword (09:42:07 PM): im not 17 im 14
ecchigodcircless (09:42:15 PM): ah
ecchigodcircless (09:42:20 PM): well thats ok
warsword (09:42:25 PM): i didnt want ppl annoying me
ecchigodcircless (09:42:39 PM): i no alot of 13-14 yr olds on chatango
warsword (09:42:46 PM): k
ecchigodcircless (09:42:53 PM): so whats up
warsword (09:43:05 PM): so wat do u like to do
ecchigodcircless (09:43:24 PM): well i ahng out with friends, watch anime, and cruise
ecchigodcircless (09:43:26 PM): u?
warsword (09:44:17 PM): play games watch anime and i cyber and role play a little
warsword (09:44:34 PM): u cyber?
ecchigodcircless (09:44:37 PM): lol
ecchigodcircless (09:44:39 PM): a lil
warsword (09:44:59 PM): then
ecchigodcircless (09:45:09 PM): aight
ecchigodcircless (09:45:10 PM): u start
warsword (09:45:28 PM): no im no good at starting u
ecchigodcircless (09:45:43 PM): lol i suck at startin
ecchigodcircless (09:45:50 PM): thats why i dont do it much
warsword (09:45:56 PM): damn
ecchigodcircless (09:46:02 PM): haha
ecchigodcircless (09:46:05 PM): sorry
warsword (09:46:18 PM): so ill just start then
ecchigodcircless (09:46:26 PM): kk ^_^
warsword (09:46:44 PM): ive never started before
warsword (09:46:49 PM): um
ecchigodcircless (09:46:58 PM): its ok
ecchigodcircless (09:47:03 PM): ill be gentle
warsword (09:47:08 PM): i kiss u
ecchigodcircless (09:47:28 PM): *kisses back gently*
warsword (09:47:45 PM): (u continue)
ecchigodcircless (09:48:00 PM): *gently rubs thigh*
warsword (09:48:33 PM): *holds u close while kissing u*
ecchigodcircless (09:49:11 PM): *slides shirt over head and continues to massage thigh getting closer to genital area*
warsword (09:49:45 PM): *strokes ur hair*
ecchigodcircless (09:50:20 PM): *pushes on bed and straddles*
warsword (09:50:45 PM): *licks ur lips teasingly*
ecchigodcircless (09:50:52 PM): DUDE!
ecchigodcircless (09:50:56 PM): im a GUY!
ecchigodcircless (09:51:00 PM): AND U WERE TRAPPED!
warsword (09:51:01 PM): huh
ecchigodcircless (09:51:02 PM): HAHAHAHA
ecchigodcircless (09:51:21 PM): btw names matt
ecchigodcircless (09:51:26 PM): nice to meet you
09:51:26 PM warsword has logged out