Monday, January 18, 2010

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that not all men are
created equal, that account holders are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are anon-bashing, display pictures, and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, moderators are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the reator of the site. That whenever any form of moderator becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to bitch to the admin about it, and to institute
new moderators, laying his/her foundation on such principles and organizing his/her powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their horniness and happiness.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

the thoughts of a anime/internet/voober deprived lunatic....

FUCKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GOD DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!! MUST GET INTERNETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MIKU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this sucks...

Sunday, April 26, 2009


given the delightful consistency of pudding i have found it to be a pleasurable lubricant..
not only does it taste good its slick and cool.
your female might not enjoy the thought of a food product going inside her, but reassure her that it wont hurt her and she might enjoy it.
and seeing as how its wont hurt for her to lick it off afterwards.
and just think...
if your good enough...and she really enjoys it...
the next time you want sex...just make her a big bowl of pudding...
even if she doesnt want to still end up with a big bowl of its a win-win situation

Friday, April 10, 2009


zombies rise from the dead to eat ppl right?
and ppl still love zombies..
this connection is wierd..or is it?

ppl like zombies cuz jesus was a zombie...the bible just covered the bad parts up.
jesus was killed on a cross..a symbol to repell evil and bad shit...
he died...and later was alive again..why? CUZ HE WAS A ZOMBIE...
that apparently helped ppl..but did he?
the water he turned to wine? a metaphor for the blood that seeped into it as he massacred millions...

walking on water? hes it was his adaptation to avoid being burnt to death...

and necrophelia? that stemmed from some whore he slept with after he was reborn..

and yet he is immortalized in a little book as a good person...(even tho he was a zombie)...thats why ppl like zombies..

Thursday, April 9, 2009 could be me your talking to..

warsword (09:41:39 PM): can u keep a secret
ecchigodcircless (09:41:47 PM): ya
ecchigodcircless (09:41:52 PM): y?
warsword (09:42:07 PM): im not 17 im 14
ecchigodcircless (09:42:15 PM): ah
ecchigodcircless (09:42:20 PM): well thats ok
warsword (09:42:25 PM): i didnt want ppl annoying me
ecchigodcircless (09:42:39 PM): i no alot of 13-14 yr olds on chatango
warsword (09:42:46 PM): k
ecchigodcircless (09:42:53 PM): so whats up
warsword (09:43:05 PM): so wat do u like to do
ecchigodcircless (09:43:24 PM): well i ahng out with friends, watch anime, and cruise
ecchigodcircless (09:43:26 PM): u?
warsword (09:44:17 PM): play games watch anime and i cyber and role play a little
warsword (09:44:34 PM): u cyber?
ecchigodcircless (09:44:37 PM): lol
ecchigodcircless (09:44:39 PM): a lil
warsword (09:44:59 PM): then
ecchigodcircless (09:45:09 PM): aight
ecchigodcircless (09:45:10 PM): u start
warsword (09:45:28 PM): no im no good at starting u
ecchigodcircless (09:45:43 PM): lol i suck at startin
ecchigodcircless (09:45:50 PM): thats why i dont do it much
warsword (09:45:56 PM): damn
ecchigodcircless (09:46:02 PM): haha
ecchigodcircless (09:46:05 PM): sorry
warsword (09:46:18 PM): so ill just start then
ecchigodcircless (09:46:26 PM): kk ^_^
warsword (09:46:44 PM): ive never started before
warsword (09:46:49 PM): um
ecchigodcircless (09:46:58 PM): its ok
ecchigodcircless (09:47:03 PM): ill be gentle
warsword (09:47:08 PM): i kiss u
ecchigodcircless (09:47:28 PM): *kisses back gently*
warsword (09:47:45 PM): (u continue)
ecchigodcircless (09:48:00 PM): *gently rubs thigh*
warsword (09:48:33 PM): *holds u close while kissing u*
ecchigodcircless (09:49:11 PM): *slides shirt over head and continues to massage thigh getting closer to genital area*
warsword (09:49:45 PM): *strokes ur hair*
ecchigodcircless (09:50:20 PM): *pushes on bed and straddles*
warsword (09:50:45 PM): *licks ur lips teasingly*
ecchigodcircless (09:50:52 PM): DUDE!
ecchigodcircless (09:50:56 PM): im a GUY!
ecchigodcircless (09:51:00 PM): AND U WERE TRAPPED!
warsword (09:51:01 PM): huh
ecchigodcircless (09:51:02 PM): HAHAHAHA
ecchigodcircless (09:51:21 PM): btw names matt
ecchigodcircless (09:51:26 PM): nice to meet you
09:51:26 PM warsword has logged out

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

i fuck dead ppl...jkjk NECROPHELIAC POST WOOOOT

i see you there....riddled with holes as you lie there....blood pouring out from the fresh bullet holes...and a feeling so uncontrollable builds inside is not hate, rage, despair, or pain, but an incredible feeling of sexual hormones rushing thru my system....slowly..i unzip my pants and insert myself into your fresh carcus....

the warmth i feel is floods thru my senses as i move in and out of your lifeless cavity...the slight chill i feel as your body loses its warmth does nothing to lessen my joy, and in fact, greatens it, the cool feel of your skin cools me as the excercise begins to heat my blood...slowly and surely rigor mortis slowly dawns upon your lifeless body, tightening your cavities and holes...increasing my pleasure and inviting me as if saying "it feels great...keep going baby"...i begin to gyrate and pump myself seeking what can only be found thru good thourough work and a tight hipped partner (willing or not) eventually a cascade of joy and fullfilment rushes over me as i release my load....spasm run down my back thru my spine...slowly i wrap you up and wheel you to the back of the morgue...hopefully noone will wonder where the scratches on your back came from after your death.. i wash my hands and put my lab coat back on as i go to examine the next visitor...a 33yr old male...died 12:54 am by car in the morgue has never been so good...
sex...everyone wants it...but noone more than teenagers and grandmothers...
yup grandmas...they still have a vagina ppl they arent made of stone...
and teenagers..they want teh vagina more than anything....tell a teenager whos just hit or come out of puberty he can have sex as long as he does whatever you want...and sure enough..he'll do it

so...this is a senario as i see got a grandma...and a teenager * screen ripples as it changes to the story*

teenage boy goes to his friends grandma's house to get a the grandma, who by the way aint got any in forever, is excited to have a hormonally unstable teenager in her house...she decides to lavish him with cookies and othe delightful things...cuz cookies...who could resist that... 5 mins later granny announces shes about to take a shower but that the teenager can stay and eat...hehe...i wonder.... so granny goes to the bathroom and strips..and gets in the shower..but leaves the bathroom door open...

the teenager...whos had his full by now leaves...

pervs....i know what you thought was gonna happen.....
sick fucks